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Our training program is designed to help you understand rapid drug testing. We have simplified the process to make it easier to understand. When you are finished reading the workbook, you can take the exam to get certified..

LEVEL 1 - Training Workbook

This LEVEL 1 Certification was created to help prepare SmartReader and DIrectReader users for situations that may occur during the testing process.  A big part of reading rapid test kits correctly is  recognizing the the external factors that can impact results.

Upon completion of this workbook and test, users will receive a Level 1 Certificate signifying the successful completion of this training online course. The Level 1 training and certification is available to anyone interested in learning more about the test kits they use.  

Table of Contents

P1 -  POCT terminology

P2 - POCT types, formats and, samples

P3 - POCT strips

P4 - Reading POCTs (Interpretation)

P5 - Understanding POCT results

P6 - Important factors