What are you doing with

this downtime?

Smart companies are using this time to train employees, evaluate new software and find better, more cost-effective ways to run their businesses. If this sounds like your company, this FREE offer is for you.

For a limited time, get...

  • FREE Certification to help train your testing staff.

  • FREE Drug Test App to make testing better and easier.

  • FREE Custom Brochures to help your business grow.

  • FREE Digital Tablet to tie this offer all together.

The DirectReader drug testing cloud app works with almost every digital tablet, phone, or computer. DirectReader can also be used with almost any rapid drug test kit. You do not need to purchase test kits from Smart Screens to take advantage of training/certification, free software and free brochures.

Complete training and certification before May 18, 2020 and get FREE access to DirectReader for 90-days, With this offer, DirectReader software absolutely FREE. No purchase necessary to receive FREE Training, FREE certificates, FREE DirectReader 6-month license and FREE custom marketing brochures. See details below.

Why everything is FREE​?

How to get started today

In 4 simple steps you can train, become certified, access testing software & get 50 custom marketing brochures all for FREE.


START TRAINING and help your employees get the skills they need for rapid testing.

Our training program is designed to help individuals understand rapid drug testing technology, the types of tests available, what factors can impact a results and how to avoid common testing problems.



How to read light lines

Using two blank pieces of white paper, cover up all but one of the test strips at a time. This helps the eye focus and can prevent an optical illusion 

STEP 2 - Get Rapid Test Certified


BECOME RAPID TEST CERTIFIED and receive a professionally printed certificate.

The average certification can be done in about an hour and is designed to help ensure that drug test kit users understand and can perform some basic, yet very important concepts behind rapid drug testing.

SN unlocks a 6-month DirectReader cloud app license for FREE.

STEP 3 - Register for DirectReader


REGISTER BEFORE MAY 18 and get 90-days of FREE access to DirectReader.

DirectReader will help your office organize and send professional rapid drug testing result forms instantly from any digital device.

STEP 4 - Request 50 Brochures


SHOW YOUR CUSTOMERS  what you can offer now that you use DirectReader with custom brochures.

Upload your logo and we will produce 50 custom brochures with your company name and phone number that explain the drug testing benefits you can offer, like:

  • Professional Result forms

  • Results delivered via secure email

  • Time/date stamped reliability

  • Complete Chain-of-Custody

  • Optional client portals

  • Optional client databases

  • Optional reporting/billing

  • and much more

Your company name

Your company address and logo on backside

Your company phone

Get a FREE tablet to use with

your drug testing program

Want an Amazon Fire HD tablet​ for FREE?

The DirectReader cloud app is designed to work on any tablet, but for reasons of confidentiality and cleanliness, we recommend not using a personal mobile device. 

To find out if you qualify for the FREE tablet, check the box that says, "FREE Amazon HD Fire Tablet" when you register below.

Other terms and conditions.

To qualify for a FREE Amazon Fire Tablet, you must conduct at least 25 rapid drug test kits per month and agree to purchase all rapid drug test test kits from Smart Screens for 12-months at the same average purchase price paid by your company on or before April 5, 2020. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Offer valid through May 18, 2020 and is subject to change without notice. This offer void where prohibited. No purchase necessary to receive certification, certificate, 90-day free license to DirectReader app and/or custom marketing brochures.

Other information may be required to substantiate product and purchase price. A minimum purchase may be required.

ARE YOU READY FOR FREE  training, certification, drug test app, and custom marketing brochures?

Complete the form and start training right away. Want to share this opportunity with others? So long as they use rapid drug testing, they are welcome to participate before May 18.

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